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Josh Freeman To Sign With Vikings

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well. . .here we go.

According to numerous sources, including this one who just happens to be the agent for Josh Freeman

It appears that the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal caller is on his way to Minnesota.

Terms of the contract have not been disclosed (obviously), but there are a couple reports on the Twitter that are reporting that the deal is a one-year contract. If that's the case, Freeman will almost certainly be playing sooner rather than later. A guy isn't going to sign a one-year deal if he thinks he's just going to hang out on the bench.

At this point, I'm not sure what this means for either Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel, but I'm sure we'll find out here in the very near future.

The Minnesota Vikings are making a move at quarterback, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure we'll have plenty more in the coming couple of days for you about this deal.

EDIT: Adam Schefter is reporting that the contract is, indeed, a one-year deal with approximately $3 million.