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Vikings Among NFL's Most Trusted Teams

Julian Finney

There's an interesting article from the National Football Post about which teams are the "most trusted" in the National Football League by agents. The poll was done by a current NFL agent by the name of Jack Bechta, who polled other NFL agents and asked which teams they thought were the most trustworthy.

The Minnesota Vikings made Bechta's top five, which is pretty nice. Here's what he had to say about our favorite football team.

The front office people run the Vikings in a manner that agents seem to trust. They are not afraid to keep and pay their best players.

After the time we spent with the "Triangle of Authority" or whatever else we've had to deal with as Vikings fans, it appears that they've put together an environment that is conducive to getting agents to convince players to sign with Minnesota.

We may talk about "Rickspeak" and things like that here (and Rickspeak is really awesome), but apparently Spielman and company are saying the right things to agents. And, in the end, that's probably the most important thing.