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SB Nation Video Preview: Vikings At Cowboys

Our friends over at the mothership are trying a slightly different format for their preview videos, and we get to be the guinea pigs for the new format as they're taking a look at the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys in Big D this weekend.

The preview talks a little bit about fantasy options for the game, as well as taking a look at who the SB Nation staff is picking in this one. . .I don't think you'll be shocked by this week's picks. . .and a couple of other things as well.

I don't want to spoil things for you too much, but our favorite football team really isn't being given a great chance in this one. We should expect as much. . .after all, they're a double-digit underdog at most sportsbooks, as a 1-6 team probably should be when going on the road. Still, stranger things have happened, and hopefully the purple and gold can buck the trend they've shown in recent weeks.

Enjoy the video, folks!