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Norse Code Podcast—#016 (Part Two): Midseason Awards, NFL Recap, NotW, Wild Prognostications

In this sixteenth episode of the Daily Norseman podcast, we hand out our midseason awards, in many cases erroneously. We also recap the league!

The semi-annual Norse Code midseason awards are out, in podcast form! They disagree with SBNation's "official" midseason awards, but also suffer from being hasty.

Episode Notes:

  • In the coaching awards, we talk about scheme versus talent. KC Joyner over at ESPN Insider made an argument that there is a statistical basis for giving the Eagles a schematic benefit of the doubt. While I am not particularly impressed with his methods or how he treats data, it is at least an interesting read.
  • On the defensive side of the ball, take a look at what scheme changes the Chiefs on defense made in order to turn their talent into production. Robert Mays is a consistently good writer with Grantland.
  • Was punting really a better option for the Cowboys on their opponents' 26? Well, I guess.
  • Want to talk about how bad the Jaguars are? We mentioned that they averaged -21.6 points over the course of the game. But what about season? Well, the Jaguars have a -13.2 average point differential over half the year (unadjusted for opponent strength), while the 0-16 Lions and 2-14 Colts were -7.6 and -7.1 respectively.
  • Here's a list of every ACL tear that players have suffered since the beginning of the league year (back in March). This is Kevin Seifert's article attempting to explain it, although he notably does not include one explanation: randomness.
  • Playing for Greg Schiano is like living in Cuba, according to a former Buccaneer. Presumably he means with the humiliation and/or poverty but not the free health care. Darrelle Revis "doesn't know" if players for the Buccaneers support him.

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