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Rick Spielman: 100% Committed to Leslie Frazier

Rick Spielman: 100% Committed to Leslie Frazier

Nick Laham

Rick Spielman met with the press this afternoon and addressed questions about the Vikings coaching staff. Click the link for the full transcript, but the following comments caught my eye:

"Leslie Frazier is our football coach and we are 100 percent behind Leslie and his coaching staff. And we’re 100 percent behind our players."

"Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere. I am telling you that we are very committed to Leslie Frazier and this coaching staff. And we’re committed to our players, and everybody is working extremely hard to get this thing turned around."

"Our focus is on getting this turned around, on getting this changed from our organization ownership on down. We back coach Frazier 100 percent and we'll do everything we can to to help him get this thing turned around."

Obviously, Rick Spielman isn’t about to say, "Well guys, I’m planning on firing Frazier if he doesn’t win this week". Who says that? However, if you read between the tea leaves, I think the most important thing Spielman said was this, "Our focus is on getting this turned around." That is clearly a goal, and we can begin to speculate all we want about what happens if they don’t meet that goal. But, we all know that Frazier is not signed beyond this season, and I think these most recent comments could suggest that Frazier isn’t going anywhere until the season is over. And he’s basically going to have to go on a massive winning streak to save his job. Again, that’s pure speculation on my part, but what other conclusion is there to draw from this?

What would be insanity is if Spielman is "100% committed" to Leslie Frazier even after a horrible end to the season. If this team doesn’t win another game, and Spielman sticks with Frazier this off-season, look out. There is at least one fan here that would be mighty upset under that scenario.

On the other hand, what if Frazier and company actually start winning? What if they pull-off an upset in Dallas, and that gives the team a spark and they go on an epic run? What happens to Frazier under that scenario? Do we keep him, even knowing how terribly the team has performed during these first 7 games?  What is certain right now is, nothing is certain.  And that is an very uncomfortable place to be.