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It's Rickspeak: BONUS EDITION

We don't get a chance to do in-season Rickspeak very often. WELL WE DO NOW AND WE WILL LOVE IT.

Rick Spielman is playing verbal chess while you play checkers, and you can't do a damn thing about it.
Rick Spielman is playing verbal chess while you play checkers, and you can't do a damn thing about it.

Hi kids, me again.  As you know, we here at Daily Norseman like to have fun with GM Rick Spielman.  And by 'we', I mean 'me', because let's face it--these stories pretty much write themselves.  Usually, Rickspeak only happens during training camp or the draft, and not during the season.  But with the inauspicious 1-6 start by our beloved purple, Rick Spielman addressed Minneapolis media earlier tonight, and it was Rickspeak gold, Jerry.  GOLD!

And before we go any further, how a bout a nice hand for CCNorsemen?  Quality front page posts on his first week as a front page writer, and he further added to that with this nice, reasoned, and well written analysis of what Spielman said.

Yeah, we won't be using any of that here.  As always, we'll have the question Rick was asked, what Rick said, and most importantly...what Rick meant.**

**I have no idea what he means, as I am not a mind reader.  He could actually mean what he sa--HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay no really he might.

Rick seized the initiative and had an opening statement, keeping assembled media on their toes:

Rick said: There is no divide. Everybody is working as hard as they can together. Everybody is very supportive of each other. Everybody is pushing to the limits to try to get this turned around. But I'm also very, very optimistic that this thing can turn around and turn around quickly, just because I see behind the scenes how hard everybody's working, from the players, from the coaches, from myself.

Rick meant: We're on the verge of mutiny, and we're working hard to not kill each other.  Seriously, this thing is going off the rails faster than Capt Weir did in Event Horizon.  I have absolutely zero optimism in this season being anything other than a total disaster, and the only thing these players and coaches will be doing quickly when this season ends is cleaning out lockers and offices.

Then Rick was asked about Leslie Frazier's job security:

Rick said:  Leslie Frazier is our football coach and we are 100 percent behind Leslie and his coaching staff. And we're 100 percent behind our players.

Rick Meant: Leslie is the guy because no one would take this job for anything.  And I am 100% behind Leslie, pushing him out the door the second the clock hits 0:00 in week 17.

But Rick was not 100% done talking about Frazier:

Rick said:  Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere. I am telling you that we are very committed to Leslie Frazier and this coaching staff. And we're committed to our players, and everybody is working extremely hard to get this thing turned around.  Our focus is on getting this turned around, on getting this changed from our organzition ownership on down. We back coach Frazier 100 percent and we'll do everything we can to to help him get this thing turned around

Rick Meant: Leslie isn't going anywhere, because he is going to be my heat shield from the press for this unmitigated horror show of a season.  I will be damned if I'm going to stand in front of you every week and tell you how bad we really are; that's the coach's job.  And he's hard at work coming up with new ways to say awful, because even I realize the phrase "we saw some good things, we'll look at the film, and we'll clean some things up" seems to be about as effective as the Obamacare exchange website right now.  Also, the number of times I say '100% committed to Frazier" is inversely proportional to how much support he actually has.

Hey Rick was asked about Josh Freeman and whether or not he sucks!!

Rick said: The reason to bring in Josh Freeman is, when I looked the situation, can we add a guy that would improve our 53? I understand the situation because of the sensitivity because it's a quarterback position.  But I also understand that if there is a player - and this was a unique situation that does not happen every year. Believe me, there were more teams than just us involved in this. I felt that it was an opportunity to take a look at a young quarterback, whether he played or didn't play -- that's the coaches decision -- but for us to get an evaluation on a player for the next 12 weeks since he's been in here. You rarely get an opportunity to do that.

Rick Meant: I really dropped the ball with Christian Ponder, and I thought Josh Freeman was better.  No, seriously. I think a guy that can't complete 50% of his passes is better than the guy I scouted for months and then drafted.  I am so an expert on quarterback talent you guys so you better play him. YOU GUYS PLAY HIM.

But Rick had more to say. OH SO MUCH MORE:

Rick said:  Everybody is looking for the franchise quarterback. If you're not out there always looking and trying to find until you actually find a Peyton Manning, then I feel you're not doing your job. Our job is to be aggressive, to try and get that position solidified. Does that mean that Christian Ponder is not that? I'm not saying that whatsoever.

Rick Meant: I am so saying that Christian Ponder is not, in fact, a franchise quarterback.

But wait! There's More:

Rick Said:  Is there a reason why we brought in Matt Cassel? There was a definite reason why we brought in Matt Cassel and the value he brings this organization. This was a unique situation that I felt was too good to pass up.

Rick Meant: You really don't believe this, do you?  I'm just hard trolling you now.  Because I am a verbal pimp and I can, and you can't do anything about it.

If you pick up the phone and call right now, we'll send you THREE quarterbacks for the prices of ONE!

Rick said:  Now, where we're at with our quarterbacks will be determined at the end of the season. Now that we have the ability to look at all three of those, how the coaches handle who's playing and not playing, who's the backup and not the backup, I'm 100 percent whatever they decided to do. But I know by the end of the year we should definitely have idea on what direction if we have a franchise quarterback on this roster right now, or do we have to go into the draft potentially and look for a franchise quarterback, or where do we go at the end of the season?

Rick Meant: I am 100% sure I have no idea what direction we're taking the quarterback position at the end of the season. None.

But Rick, surely you can tell if Josh Freeman is a franchise quarterback, right?  RIGHT?!

Rick said: I believe you can because they're with him in meetings. They're with him at walkthroughs. We're out there watching him at practice. They're watching his work ethic. They're watching him interact with the trainers. All the unique things that you couldn't do, let's say, if you waited until the end of the season and then tried to go out and sign a quarterback or any other position. This was just a great chance, whether he played or not, that you would have a much better idea of what a Josh Freeman was or whoever that is by the end of the season just by him being in your building and being around that player for 12 weeks.

Rick Meant: Oh, we already know he isn't, but when we're 1-6, we'll pretty much throw anything against the wall to see what sticks.  I damn near brought in Jeff George, and I've got Tebow on speed dial.  So don't tempt me.