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Jerome Simpson Could Be In Serious Trouble

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

So, we all saw that Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Jerome Simpson was arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated in the early hours of Saturday morning. For the last day or two, it appears that the concern was whether or not Simpson would be able to play this coming Sunday when the Vikings take on the Seattle Seahawks.

Per Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Simpson could have significantly larger issues to worry about.

Jerome Simpson was legally barred from using alcohol at the time of his arrest last weekend in Minneapolis on suspicion of drunken driving, according to sentencing from his 2012 drug conviction when he played for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Vikings receiver could face up to three years in prison if it is determined he violated terms of his probation, which prohibited him from using alcohol and subjected him to random drug testing for three years, according to court records in Kenton County, Ky.

The probation stems from the incident where he (in)famously mailed a not-insignificant amount of marijuana to his house. Simpson did fifteen days in jail for that.

According to the article, Simpson had a blood-alcohol content of 0.09 at the time of his arrest. . .0.08 is the limit in Minnesota for the DWI standard. However, if the terms of Simpson's probation are correct, it doesn't matter if he blew 0.000001. When the judge says you don't get to drink for three years. . .well, you don't get to drink for three years. There's not really a lot of wiggle room there.

We have exclusive video of Simpson's reaction to the news. (Language warning here.)

So, if you've enjoyed seeing Jerome Simpson in a Minnesota Vikings uniform over the past season and a half, get as much as you can in the next seven weeks (provided he doesn't get suspended by the league for this). Not sure how much of him you're going to see in a Vikings uniform or any other uniform in the near future.