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Report: Josh Robinson Out 4-6 Weeks

Report: Josh Robinson Out 4-6 Weeks, with a fractured sternum

Matthew Stockman

The injuries continue to pile up for our Minnesota Vikings.  This time it has hit 2nd-year man Josh Robinson.  He's had a very tough year transitioning from being primarily an outside corner to more of an inside/slot corner, attempting to replace the departed Antoine Winfield, but it appears as though the rest of his season may be in doubt after he fractured his sternum in yesterday's game.  KFAN had the coverage, saying:

According to Frazier, Robinson noticed some pain in his chest during the first half of Sunday's game. Josh continued to play until he became unusually short of breath after making a tackle in the second half of the game.

"He ended up making a tackle and he couldn't really get the wind back that he needed to go out there and run," Frazier added.

I have to admit that I didn't notice that Josh Robinson had come out of the ball game, especially considering that by the 4th quarter we had mostly backups in playing in garbage time when the game was already lost.  Some would say that this is a blow to an already depleted secondary, but the grading of Pro Football Focus may have us believe a different tale.

According to PFF, Josh Robinson has been one of the worst cornerbacks in the entire league, grading very negatively.  His backup, Marcus Sherels has done extremely well in relief, and we've yet to have a CB rotation of Cook/Rhodes on the outside with Sherels in the slot.  And if the grades are to be believed, this would be our best possible combination of corners.  It would appear we'll get to see that next week against Green Bay.

Regardless of the effect this may have on our defense, good or bad, we wish Josh Robinson well in his recovery as he deals with what is surely a painful injury.  Marcus Sherels is the next man up!