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Money Kept Allen Trade From Happening

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So, we all heard about all of the trade rumors surrounding Minnesota Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen on trade deadline day this past Tuesday. As it turns out, the main issue was the monetary factor, according to longtime football writer Dan Pompei.

What prevented a deadline deal for Jared Allen? According to sources with knowledge of the situation, it was a combination of factors. The Vikings were willing to trade the defensive end for a third-round pick. Allen was only interested in going to a contender. The Seahawks and Broncos wanted him and were given permission to negotiate a contract with Allen. But Allen would have taken up $7.5 million of cap space unless he was signed to an extension.

A major hurdle was Allen has his sights set on a bar-setting deal that neither team was interested in giving the 31-year-old. Another factor: Winning teams are cautious about adding an established star to the locker room for fear the chemistry could be upset.

So, it wasn't that the Vikings weren't willing to trade Allen away. . .it's that nothing could get worked out with either of the teams that were potentially interested in acquiring his services.

The eye-opening part of this, for me, is the fact that Allen wants a "bar-setting deal" going forward. Yes, Allen has been consistent over the years, having amassed double-digit sacks in each of the last six seasons. But he isn't getting any younger (he'll turn 32 in April), and he has expressed on at least one occasion that he has no desire to play in a 3-4 defense, which you would assume would limit his market value a bit.

I'm not sure if anyone is going to break the bank this off-season for Allen's services. But because the Broncos or Seahawks weren't willing to do so this season, #69 remains a Viking. Enjoy him while he's here, folks, because I have a feeling he won't be here in 2014.