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A Brief Look At Vikings/Cowboys History

Hannah Foslien

For a couple of teams that aren't in the same division, the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys have a bit of history between the two of them. At least some of it happened in the post-season, as these two teams have met seven times in the playoffs, but we're going to focus on the regular season in this instance.

As always, the numbers you see below come courtesy of the folks from Pro Football Reference.

Total Games Between the Vikings and the Cowboys: 21

All-Time Record: Vikings, 11-10

Total Vikings Points Scored, Head-to-Head: 511 (24.3 points/game)

Total Cowboys Points Scored, Head-to-Head: 488 (23.2 points/game)

Longest Vikings Winning Streak: 4 (26 November 1998 - 12 September 2004)

Longest Cowboys Winning Streak: 4 (24 September 1961 - 20 October 1968)

Most Recent Vikings Victory in Dallas23 November 2000 (Final score 27-15)

Most Recent Cowboys Victory in Dallas21 October 2007 (Final score 24-14)

Biggest Vikings Victory in Dallas: 40 points, 13 November 1988 (Final score 43-3)

Biggest Cowboys Victory In Dallas: 25 points, 28 December 1996 (Final score, 40-15)

And a few miscellaneous tidbits. . .

-This will be Minnesota's first game against Dallas at the new Cowboys Stadium. Their last trip to Dallas in 2007 was in the days of the old "hole in the roof" dome in Big D.

-The Vikings and Cowboys have met four times on a Thursday night. . .all of them in Dallas. Three of them were on Thanksgiving Day, with one happening in October of 1978 for reasons I'm not quite sure of.

-Adrian Peterson has not had great success against the Cowboys in his career. In three games (playoffs included) he has rushed for just 136 yards on 36 carries. He has managed to find the end zone four times in those three games.

And that's a brief look back at the history between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, folks. Hopefully the Vikings can make another positive mark tomorrow.