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Report: Erin Henderson Suing Hennepin County

Erin Henderson was stopped and given a breathalyzer test, and had his license revoked on November 19th. He is suing Hennepin County and this sheds some light on his "personal issue."


The details in this case are still a little murky, but the Pioneer Press is reporting that Erin Henderson is now suing Hennepin County over a traffic stop that happened on November 19th.  The meat of the story is this:

The linebacker has not been charged with a crime nor is there a record of him being booked into the Hennepin County Jail. However his driver's license was revoked Tuesday.

Henderson claims police coerced him into a submitting to a breath test and violated his constitutional rights, according to his petition.

The second-year starter contends police did not have "articulable grounds to make an investigatory stop" and did not have "reasonable and probable cause" to believe he had violated Minnesota's implied consent laws.

It remains unclear if Henderson was actually arrested or not, as the headline implies that he was, but the article seems to imply that he wasn't.  Either way, he was pulled over, blew a 0.11 on the breathalyzer, and the police talked him into giving up his driver's license.  Either way, this sheds a little light on his "personal issue" that kept him out of practice last week, and ultimately last Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers.  All reports have Henderson back at Winter Park this week and resuming practicing.  Although, as Fearless Leader pointed out in the Links and Open Thread yesterday, Leslie Frazier may be looking to explore other options at linebacker after Audie Cole looked pretty serviceable in relief of Henderson last week.

We'll have more details on this developing story involving Erin Henderson as they come out.

UPDATE: It was definitely an arrest.  Rick Spielman called it the "3rd arrest in 3 weeks" during his press conference today.  Spielman also called it "unacceptable" and "disappointing" in regards to all those arrests.  He said the Vikings will "take a methodical look" at what's going on with the team. -CCNorsemen