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Norse Code Podcast #020: Packers Review, Mailbag

In this episode of Norse Code, we discuss the Packers game, how 4th downs change in overtime and the most genius move in coaching history (by Leslie Frazier). We also answer some questions!

We're fully moving to the BlogTalkRadio platform, which should allow us to provide content more efficiently and consolidate a lot of random technical problems. We will get into our regular features tomorrow (Number of the Week, Wildly Irresponsible Prognostications, etc) as well as the Bears preview.

Episode Notes:

  • The Vikings most recently gave up a 10+ point lead in 2011 (Detroit), then 1994 (New England), 1993 (Detroit), 1991 (Detroit), 1986 (Cleveland), 1974 (LA Rams), 1972 (San Francisco), 1971 (Chicago), 1969 (New York Giants).
  • We watched a few fair catch videos on the podcast. Here's Neil Rackers:
  • Here's Phil Dawson on a free kick (for 71 yards):
  • I checked the field goal flags during overtime, incidentally. There was no wind, which changes the decision calculus.
  • I have often discussed Joe Webb's incredible athleticism, which I wrote about here.

As always, find us on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for us in those applications, or subscribe to our RSS feed. If BlogTalkRadio is not your thing, that's too bad because we've moved completely to BTR.

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