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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, Thanksgiving Edition

Jonathan Daniel

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! This is going to serve as the Open Thread for today, since I don't anticipate a whole lot of posting taking place as folks spend the long holiday weekend with their families.

It will also serve as the Open Thread for discussing the three. . .yes, three. . .football games that are going to be taking place today. The action will start at 11:30 AM Central time on FOX, when the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions in an all-NFC North battle that could shake up the standings. . .well, for every NFC North team not named the Minnesota Vikings, anyway.

The action will then move to CBS at about 3:30 PM Central time, as the Oakland Raiders make a trip to Jerryworld to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

To cap off the night, the NFL Network NBC will take us to the home of the reigning NFL Champions (and a team that the Vikings will see in a couple of weeks), the Baltimore Ravens. They will be hosting their AFC North division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. That one is set to kick off at around 7:30 PM Central time.

Since this is the Open Thread for the day, the same rules apply. . .no religion, no politics, no feeding the trolls, and keep the bad language to a minimum.

And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, enjoy this traditional classic.

With that, we want to once again wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and we hope that you're able to enjoy all of it with friends, family, and a food coma that will take you at least 24 hours to sleep off. We might be back with more later on today, but if we're not, enjoy everything!