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Vikings Hold Steady In Race For #1 Overall Pick In 2014

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The top three picks in the 2014 NFL Draft had a slight shuffling after Week 9 of National Football League action, but the Minnesota Vikings remain in possession of the third overall spot as we reach the halfway mark of the 2013 NFL season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers leapfrogged the Jacksonville Jaguars into the top spot this week, after turning a 21-0 lead against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle into a 27-24 overtime loss. They are ahead of the also-winless Jaguars, who were on their bye this week, due to having a lower strength of schedule than Jacksonville does. The win-loss percentage of Tampa's opponents thus far is .560, while Jacksonville's opponents sport a .564 winning percentage, giving Tampa the slight edge.

The 1-7 Vikings have a lower strength of schedule than either of those teams, coming in at .541. I'm pretty sure that means that, had Tampa been able to hold on against the Seahawks for their first victory, Minnesota could have jumped into the #2 spot behind Jacksonville. But, that's a moot point since it didn't happen.

Here is the full Top Ten, with win-loss records and opponent winning percentages.

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-8, .560)
2) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-7, .564)
3) Minnesota Vikings (1-7, .541)
4) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6, .504)
5) Atlanta Falcons (2-6, .526)
6) Houston Texans (2-6, .561)
7) New York Giants (2-6, .567)
8) Buffalo Bills (3-6, .511)
9) St. Louis Rams (3-6, .542)
10) Baltimore Ravens (3-5, .504)

Order brought to you by the folks at the Great Blue North Draft Report.