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Norse Code Podcast #017: Dallas Cowboys Review, Washington Redskins Preview, Richie Incognito

An early Norse Code to prepare you for Thursday Night Football! We review the Cowboys game and go over the Redskins matchup.

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An early Norse Code is here to help you get over hump day and provide you with a preview of the Redsksins game.

Episode Notes:

  • We talk about fourth down decisions. Here's a 4th down calculator, which looks at every single NFL play from 1999-2012 to come up to their rough conclusions, assuming an average team against an average team.
  • We discuss the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation, which you'll find more about that, of course, at other outlets. Here's Matt Ufford's fantastic piece on the subject, which discusses the concept of "hazing creep"
  • Kyle has a great piece on it, too.
  • We talk a little bit about Chad Greenway and what he had to say about bullying vs. hazing. You can find that here, along with a discussion about "blaming the victim"
  • Dusty mentions the Almondo Salguero article in the Miami Herald, which you can find here.
  • Roger Groves mentions some of the consequences for the team, and that was written well before it was released that the Miami Dolphins encouraged Incognito to "toughen Jon Martin up"
  • Incidentally, Chad Greenway is one of many players that dislikes Thursday Football games
  • This is the RotoWorld/Evan Silva statistic that Dusty found.
  • We take on Kyle's joking question seriously, and part of that involves the cultural significance of teams. Two years ago, I wrote a fanpost (before I was a frontpage blogger here) on the stadium, and two of my arguments involve cultural significance and mental health. There are extensive studies quoted in that article that speak to the cultural and social significance of football teams.
  • When we discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars. We mentioned the brief debate about a matchup between Alabama and Jacksonville. Here's the prediction metric I reference.
  • Dan Snyder has repeatedly said he won't change the name, but there was a quick discussion about the fact that his lawyer attempted to walk back the tone. Story about that here.

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