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Norse Code Podcast #017 (Part Two): Washington Review, Mailbag

The second half of the 17th episode is live, and just after the Redskins game. Join us as we discuss the game, what it means and why we feel a little less excited than we normally do during wins—and it's not because we want to tank, either.

We recorded almost immediately after the game in order to give you our immediate reactions, and hopefully in reviewing a game without film didn't deaden our accuracy. We discuss the game of course, but we also look forward and take questions from followers.

Episode Notes:

  • Not a lot of episode notes to add here, although we bring a few things up that we can reference for you to clear things up.
  • We mentioned improved 3rd down conversion rates. After looking it up, it looks like Washington was 2 for 8 on third down in the second half, which would mean they were 7 for 8 in the first half.
  • The first is the tweet/picture of an open Jordan Reed on 4th down as Robert Griffin III overthrew Santana Moss on a fade:
  • Greg Jennings was angry:


  • But he doesn't want you to take it the wrong way:
  • The end of the game was a heart attack, as a win probability chart could tell you (it also provides some degree of context for the timeouts):


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