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The Minnesota Vikings Have Re-Signed OMG AUDIE COLE


Ladies and gentlemen, our long national. . .well, at least regional. . .nightmare is over.

The Minnesota Vikings have just announced that they have, basically, reversed the roster move that they made prior to Thursday night's victory over the Washington Redskins, releasing offensive tackle Kevin Murphy and re-signing linebacker Audie Cole.

As he has been in the league for less than four years, Cole was subject to waivers after being released on Thursday. No team claimed him, so he was free to sign anywhere as a free agent. However, the Vikings came calling back, and he is back with the team.

Murphy, unless I miss my guess, still has practice squad eligibility left, so it would not be surprising to find him back there in the next day or two. He will have to clear waivers as well, but I'm guessing that part isn't going to be an issue.

So there you have it, folks. Audie Cole is back in Minnesota.