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Minnesota Vikings News And Notes, December 12th

And maybe, if you ask nice, Kyle and Arif will perform their world famous chainsaw juggling act

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We hit Thursday, and office Christmas/Holiday parties are probably getting into full swing. My office has ours tomorrow, and it's usually a pretty good time. We're a soild group of fine Americans, and we all get along really well.

But some of you probably work in some sort of dysfunction that would make the Kardashian family look normal. So, tell us your goofy, funny, or horriffic Office Christmas Party story. because you know you want to.

Speaking of dysfunction. let's talk about our favorite football team. Since yesterday's open thread, all of this happened:

Eric told us that Matt Cassel was named the Vikings starter for the Eagles game. When asked about it, coach Leslie Frazier said "well, in the office we have a big wheel with Matt, Christian, and Josh's name on it. Well, used to have Josh's name on it. He's not on there anymore. We call it the wheel of destiny. Sunday is Matt's destiny." **

**Didn't really say that. but he might as well have.

Eric, the attention whore hard working, industrious staff member that he is, also told us that the Vikings schedule is pretty much set, at least in terms of who the Vikings will be playing. Dates won't be finalized for awhile, but we've got a 90% solution on next season's slate of games already.

Fearless Leader checked in and gave us the lowdown on where the Vikings will be drafting come April. (Hint, it's not 32nd).

From elsewhere around the Interwebz:

With Adrian Peterson out and Toby Gerhart nursing a hammy, the Vikings re-signed pre-season superstar Bradley Randle and place him on the practice squad.

In the 'Good News' department, it looks like S Harrison Smith will return this weekend against the Eagles. Smith, who has been out since October with turf toe, won't start, but will see action based on how much he can practice this week. If there's been a silver lining to his injury, it's been that Andrew Sendejo (which, as I noted on Twitter Sunday, is Spanish for FLYING THROUGH THE AIR IN AN ICE STORM AND GETTING AN INTERCEPTION) has really come on strong and played well. So if nothing else, going in to next year, the Vikings might have a decent safety depth.

Today's musical selection is in honor of our Fearless Leader, Chris. As you know, he usually does these, but I'm stepping in because he's headed back Stateside after a one year gig in Korea, sans family. No, he was NOT Dennis Rodman's bodyguard/advance party/guy with the bail money. He was stationed there, and he should be airborne, somewhere over the Pacific, heading to the Land of the Free, and the Home of the 3-9-1. Godspeed, Gonzo, and thanks for embracing the suck for a year. I was stationed over there from 1994-1995, and it blew chunks.

And with that, as Fearless leader likes to say, the beer light is on, folks. Pull up a chair, make youself comfortable, and come on in and talk Vikings. Standard open thead rules apply: no politics, no religion, don't feed the trolls, and use the spoiler tag if you need to drop some salty language. SKOL VIKINGS!