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Norse Code Podcast #022 (Part One): Ravens Review

Dusty and I cover the Ravens game, decisionmaking and plead for mailbag questions

Later today I'll have a much more in-depth review of the Ravens game up here soon and hopefully you'll enjoy the formatting I use for it. We'll see.

Dusty and I got to talking about the Vikings, as is our wont.

There are some odd audio issues that I'm sure you can get around. Download the episode here.

Episode Notes:

  • Adrian Peterson did have some issues with decisionmaking:


  • The Vikings were actually very good in coverage for most of the game, and it often looked like this:

Here's a better example of the type of good coverage #Vi... on Twitpic

  • I complained about the shotgun draw. Most of the Vikings shotgun draws look like this:

4Q starts w/ a shotgun draw. This is how successful it usuall... on Twitpic

  • This situation was different, as it turned out to be an audible from Matt Cassel, which is one of the reasons we saw it open up—Ravens defensive look specifically could be attacked once the Vikings had the knowledge. I don't mind it nearly as much.
Not many show notes today, as they will be covered by the my review of the game later.

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