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Report: Vikings To Be Without Adrian Peterson AND Toby Gerhart Against Eagles

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

It's fantasy football playoff time, and if you're one of the people who drafted Adrian Peterson very highly in your leagues. . .you know, like I did. . .you're going to be very unhappy today.

If you looked at your waiver wire in at least one of those leagues, saw Toby Gerhart still available, and grabbed him in what you thought was a brilliant move. . .you know, like I did. . .you're probably going to be even more unhappy.

Numerous sources across the internet are reporting that not only will the Minnesota Vikings not have Adrian Peterson for this afternoon's match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles, they will also not have Toby Gerhart, his primary backup.

This means that the running back position will be manned by the following:

-Matt Asiata, who has missed a lot of games this year with a shoulder injury and, for his career, has three carries for nine yards and one reception in regular season action.

-Joe Banyard, who was elevated from the practice squad a few days ago.

-Jerome Felton, who for his career has more receptions (43) than carries (42), and has not registered a carry since October 23, 2011.

Fortunately for the Vikings' offense. . .in the real world. . .the Eagles' problem comes with stopping the pass (30th in the NFL) and not the run. Unfortunately for the Vikings' offense in the real world, they're still not terribly good at passing the football.

But if you're relying on either Adrian Peterson or Toby Gerhart for your fantasy football team. . .well, you've got about three hours and forty-five minutes to find alternative options.