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Norse Code Podcast Episode #023 (Part One): Philadelphia Eagles Review, Mailbag

We review the Philadelphia Eagles game! Join us as we break down the Vikings' winning performance against Philadelphia and then listen to our most extensive mailbag yet.

Another episode of Norse Code is live!

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Episode Notes:

  • Pooch kicks for a rookie—part of the "Patterson effect"?
  • Matt Cassel is the starter! Take that exclamation for what you will
  • LeSean McCoy did not put up six yards a carry, he put up 4.8, making me way wrong. But he did average more than ten yards a carry in the first half
  • There's a great All-22 article on the game from Philly Magazine and Sheil Kapadia, my favorite Eagles writer. Despite Foles' big box score day, neither he nor Kelly were happy with his day
  • I wrote about applying the concept of corporate culture to coaching in Day Three of Training Camp
  • Football Outsiders uses Run Success Rate as a big part of their running back rankings
  • Coaches tend to think of the running game as a function of success rate instead of "yards per carry,' which, it turns out is a significantly more important and better way to look at your running game, historically.
  • By AdvancedNFLStats' definition (which uses positive "Expected Points Added" instead of yards/downs), Asiata's success rate was 37.1 percent, which is low but not as low as it sounds. Over the course of the season, it would rank 62nd of 85 running backs who qualify
  • Since 1999, the Minnesota Vikings have given up 30 Game Winning Drives, which actually ranks as the 10th-best (or 23rd-most) among teams in that time. If you reduce it to 4th-quarter comebacks, the Vikings rank as 6th-best (or 27th-most).
  • The Vikings rank 10th-best since 2011, or (because of ties) 16th-most in 4th-quarter comebacks given up. In Game Winning Drives, they rank 15th-best since 2011, or 16th-most.
  • Since 1998, the Minnesota Vikings have lost 17 games where they held the lead at the end of the third quarter, which ranks as 22nd-worst. In the same time-span, they've lost 25 games where they held the lead at halftime, ranking 15th-worst.
  • Since 2011, the Vikings have lost 4 games where they held the lead at the end of the third quarter, which ranks as 13th-worst. They rank 6th-worst in half-time leads given up since 2011.

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