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John Carlson Placed On Injured Reserve; Career May Be Finished

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The Minnesota Vikings made a couple of roster moves on Saturday, and one of them may be the last move of one player's career.

Tight end John Carlson, who was having a bit of a renaissance this season in the wake of Kyle Rudolph's injury, was placed on injured reserve by the Vikings with a concussion. Carlson doesn't know how many concussions he's had, but there have been at least three documented ones in his NFL career, and at least two more during his time at the University of Notre Dame.

Carlson says that he isn't sure of whether or not he will be returning to the NFL after his latest concussion.

"That's something that my wife and I will consider," he said. "After every season it's an evaluation period because of the nature of our business. Players move around, players get cut, coaches get fired, things happen. So in that sense, every year is an evaluation period and this year will be no different. And the concussion part of it will be in that conversation."

. . .

"We have two kids and a third one on the way," he said. "I'm taking steps to mitigate the risks. [But] there are risks to playing football."

Carlson is a smart guy, and he'll make the decision that he and his family feel is best. Whether that involves continuing to play for the Minnesota Vikings or not remains to be seen.

The team also released cornerback Robert Steeples, and promoted running back Joe Banyard and defensive tackle Justin Trattou to the active roster.