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Does Mauti Gras Begin This Sunday?

Hannah Foslien

Earlier in the week, Minnesota Vikings' linebacker Erin Henderson said that he was "bored" after being moved to outside linebacker in favor of second-year man Audie Cole. With Cole out for this Sunday's game, Henderson might get a chance to be "bored" at two different positions.

Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier said that the team might take a look at rookie Michael Mauti at the middle linebacker spot on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Mauti was a seventh-round pick of the Vikings in the 2013 NFL Draft, though it was thought he might have gone a lot higher had he not suffered three separate ACL injuries during his time at Penn State.

"(We) Might get Michael in there some and take a look at him. See how Erin is doing, but get Michael some as well," Frazier said. "He's done some good things. This offseason is going to be big for (Mauti)."

As the ESPN article points out, Mauti spent a lot of this past off-season rehabbing his most recent ACL tear, so the opportunity to go through an entire NFL off-season program for the first time. . .regardless of who the head coach might be. . .will be a huge opportunity for him and will let the Vikings know where he fits into their long-term plans.

I really hope the guy makes it, to be honest. He showed a lot by not bailing at Penn State when he could have, and he's worked hard to come back from his knee issues. Hopefully by next season he'll be ready to prove that the Vikings got a steal.