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A (Second) Brief Look At Lions/Vikings History

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

As we've done for every other game this season, we're going to take a look back at the history between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings as they prepare to do battle tomorrow afternoon at the Metrodome. We did this for the season opener and, obviously, not a lot has changed since then. We're simply shifting the venue for some of the stats from Detroit to Minnesota.

As always, these numbers are brought to you by the folks from Pro Football Reference.

Total Games between the Lions and the Vikings: 104

All-Time Record: Vikings, 68-34-2

Total Vikings Points Scored, Head-to-Head: 2,281 (21.9 points/game)

Total Lions Points Scored, Head-to-Head: 1,941 (18.7 ponts/game)

Longest Vikings Winning Streak: 13 (6 October 1968 - 22 September 1974)

Longest Vikings Losing Streak: 5 (19 November 1961 - 27 October 1963)

Most Recent Vikings Victory in Minnesota: 11 November 2012 (Final score 34-24)

Most Recent Lions Victory in Minnesota: 25 September 2011 (Final score 26-23 in overtime)

Biggest Vikings Victory in Minnesota: 34 points, 9 November 1980 (Final score 34-0)

Biggest Lions Victory in Minnesota: 31 points, 9 December 1978 (Final score 45-14)

And since nothing has really changed since the last time these two teams played, there's nothing else to add at this point. Hopefully the Vikings can add one more positive page to this history and to their history at the Metrodome with a victory on Sunday afternoon.