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Vikings Sign Six To Future Contracts

Hat tip to The Viking Age for getting this first.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings today did not just make a change at head coach- admittedly, the bigger news here anyways- but they did also sign six players to reserve/future contracts. These six are:

Brandan Bishop (Safety), Kip Edwards (Cornerback), Kevin Murphy (Offensive Tackle), Spencer Nealy (Defensive End), Adam Thielen (Wide Receiver) ...AND... BRADLEY RANDLE RUNNING BACK WHOOOO!!!

Seriously, I don’t care that he’s just a practice squad guy who even spent some time up in the CFL this season, if you don’t love Bradley Randle then a.) you are not a real Vikings fan, b.) you hate America, and c.) you probably also enjoy kicking puppies, you sick monster.

What is a futures contract/ reserve contract? Well, in short, these guys were basically all free agents or practice squad players (remember, if you’re on a practice squad, you’re essentially a free agent indefinitely as any team can sign you at any point), and the Vikings have a contract in hand to give them a contract in 2014. Got that? It prevents other teams from picking them up later on down the road. The Vikings could still sign these guys to next year’s practice squad (I think all of these guys are eligible, I’ll admit I’m not 100% certain) or they could release them from said contract, too.