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Ryan Longwell Thinks The Vikings Fired "The Wrong Guy"

Stephen Dunn

You know, it's been a whole year since we had a specialist stirring the pot here in Vikingland, so why not now in the wake of the firing of Leslie Frazier?

Former Vikings' kicker Ryan Longwell played under Frazier in 2010 and 2011, prior to being replaced by Blair Walsh. He, apparently, isn't a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings firing the head coach.

Since I haven't been in the locker room personally in. . .well, ever. . .I can't speak to the situation with the same level of knowledge that Longwell might have. But there does seem to be a group of folks out there that think Rick Spielman should have been cleaning his desk right alongside of Leslie Frazier today.

What do you think? Is giving Rick Spielman the authority to pick the Vikings' next head coach and (presumably) their quarterback of the future the right move?