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Vikings Coaching Interest Rumors

Christian Petersen

So, if you've been following the Twitters and other sources at all today, you've seen that there have been a lot of names getting bandied about as guys that the Minnesota Vikings would like to interview to fill their head coaching vacancy. We're going to give you a quick list of the ones we've seen thus far, with sources where possible.

To this point, here is what we've seen.

-Bill O'Brien, head coach, Penn State University (Source: Jason LaCanfora, CBS Sports)

-Darrell Bevell, offensive coordinator, Seattle Seahawks (Source: LaCanfora)

-Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator, Seattle Seahawks (Source: LaCanfora, in Bevell story above)

-Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator, Arizona Cardinals (Source: Mike Garafolo, Fox Sports)

-Jack Del Rio, defensive coordinator, Denver Broncos (Source: Mile High Report, via Adam Schefter)

-Adam Gase, offensive coordinator, Denver Broncos (Source: Mile High Report, via Adam Schefter, link above)

-Jim Mora, head coach, UCLA (Source: SB Nation)

This came from Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports:

There will almost certainly be more names as the days go on here. The Vikings can interview coordinators from teams that are on a bye this week (the Seattle Seahawks, the Carolina Panthers, the Denver Broncos, and the New England Patriots) and coordinators from teams that are not in the post-season. Coordinators from teams that are in the playoffs are off-limits until their teams are eliminated.

CCNorseman let us know earlier that General Manager Rick Spielman has said that he is going to attempt to line up interviews in the next three or four days, and the team hopes to have a coach in place by the Senior Bowl, which takes place on 25 January. With the NFL Combine starting on 19 February and teams able to contact free agents starting on 8 March, it seems like that might be pushing it a bit as far as a new coach getting coordinators in place and getting everything organized before the Combine and the rest of the off-season events.