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Decision On Greg Childs Coming Monday

Hannah Foslien

Sixteen months after he tore both of his patellar tendons on one play in practice, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Childs appears to be poised to take the final step.

The team has until Monday to decide whether or not they will move Childs to the active roster, according to Andrew Krammer of 1500 ESPN. If the team does not activate him, they have the options to waive him or place him on injured reserve.

Childs has been practicing with the team for the past couple of weeks, but Thursday and Friday were the first time he was able to practice on consecutive days. Previously, he needed to take days off in between due to soreness. But Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier apparently likes what he sees from the 2012 fourth-round pick.

"Greg [Childs] has really improved," Frazier said. "For the first time we were able to let him go back-to-back practices. From Wednesday and Thursday, he was a little sore Friday and he hasn't had any complaints and practiced well. Barring anything unforeseen, he should be ready to go next week."

Childs is looking to become the first player to come back and compete in a regular season NFL game after suffering this particular injury. Chicago Bears' wide receiver Wendell Davis suffered the same injury in 1993, and attempted a comeback with the Indianapolis Colts, but never appeared in a game. Cleveland Browns' safety Gary Baxter suffered a double patellar tendon tear in 2006, and made it to Training Camp with the Browns in 2007, but didn't get back onto the field for a game, either.

It will truly be a testament to Childs' work ethic if he can get back onto the field after this injury. All indicators are that he's ready to do just that.