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Vikings At Ravens: Paul Allen Montage Of The Final Two Minutes

Larry French

As anyone that has followed this site for any length of time knows, I have an affinity for the work of Paul Allen, the play-by-play voice of the Minnesota Vikings. Regardless of how you feel about the man's work, he's as passionate about Vikings football as anybody.

The folks from the Vikings' flagship station, KFAN in Minneapolis, put together this montage of Paul Allen's calls during the final two minutes of today's contest, when the Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens combined for five touchdowns in 2:05 of game time in one of the wildest fourth quarters you'll ever see at any level of football anywhere.

Yes, the Vikings lost again on Sunday, and have been officially eliminated from the 2013 post-season race (not that they were really alive in any sense but the mathematical one, but even that is gone after today's loss). We'll have more on the game as the rest of today and tomorrow wear on.