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Your Friday Open Thread

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last day of the work week, Minnesota Vikings fans, and with it we have more Open Thread goodness for you. Just a heads-up. . .we probably won't have a "main" open thread on Saturday, as we'll have two. . .one for the NFL Honors broadcast that should see Adrian Peterson named the league MVP (or, at the very least, its Offensive Player of the Year), and one for the Hall of Fame selection ceremony that will (hopefully) see Cris Carter finally break through to Canton. We also won't have one on Sunday because of, you know, that whole Super Bowl thing that will be going on.

In case you missed it from yesterday, here are some of the things we had for you.

-We asked what your plans for Super Bowl Sunday are.

-We saw the official end of "Derp derp Donald Driver to the Vikings derp derp."

-We saw that Pro Football Focus noticed that the Vikings might actually have a pretty good cornerback combo at their disposal.

Oh, and if you missed it. . .and I hope you didn't, because I only posted it about 45 minutes ago. . .SB Nation scored an interview with the man himself.

Same rules apply as they do to all the open threads re: politics, religion, and salty language.

To close out the unofficial "80s Week" for your ambient music, we have a double feature because. . .well, because I couldn't decide which one that I wanted to go with. Here's the first one.

And here's the other:

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Friday at The Daily Norseman, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the last day of the work week, and if anything big should come across the proverbial wire, someone here will be on it.