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Two Vikings Go Under The Knife

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Two fairly prominent members of the Minnesota Vikings had off-season surgeries on Thursday. Both should be ready to go when the 2013 season starts.

Punter Chris Kluwe had some surgery on his left (non-kicking) knee on Thursday. The surgery was to, in Kluwe's words, "clean out some cartilage that was flopping around." According to what he's said on the Twitter, the rehab should take about two weeks, meaning that he should be fully functional by the time off-season workouts start.

(And, yes, only in Minnesota can we describe the punter as "fairly prominent.")

Defensive end Jared Allen also had surgery on Thursday to repair the torn labrum in his left shoulder. Allen played through most of the season with the injury, and put off the surgery so that he could participate in last weekend's Pro Bowl. He'll be ready to go by the time Training Camp starts in late July, and will hopefully be ready for mandatory mini-camp in June. Allen generally doesn't participate in any of the Vikings' voluntary off-season workouts anyway, instead choosing to work out on his own, so there won't be any drastic change from the past couple of seasons in that regard.

That's about the biggest news we've seen for this Friday in Viking land, folks. Have a pleasant rest of your Friday, and we'll see you here tomorrow!