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Reports: Vikings Want To Trade Percy Harvin

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Really hoping we can watch this for the next decade, but maybe we won't.
Really hoping we can watch this for the next decade, but maybe we won't.
Jeff Gross

I've been saying for a while that I do not expect the Vikings to trade Percy Harvin. Of course, I have absolutely no inside information either way; it's just how I've personally been reading the situation. And I well could be wrong.

According to this report here, supposedly I am. The thing is, the report doesn't identify sources or even offer quotes from the team (aside from Spielman's public comments on Harvin the other day, which I still feel can be taken as an indication against trading Harvin). While this doesn't prove its incorrect, it does throw a bit of cold water onto the whole issue.

The thing is until Harvin is either traded or given a contract extension, I suspect a considerable amount of reports swinging either way will be coming out. Obviously we won't cover them all, but this particular one is something of a ‘starting gun firing' for the whole thing, as it's the first time a report has outright stated that the Vikings are, yes, trying to trade Harvin.

We'll just have to see. One thing I do wholeheartedly agree with in the report is that if he is traded it will be before the draft. By the end of the first draft day, if Harvin is still a Viking, then you can expect him to remain one for the foreseeable future.