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Your Monday Open Thread

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It's the start of another week, everybody, and here's your open thread for this Monday. We had some pretty good stuff for you over the weekend, in case you missed it.

-Ted put up his Vikings' mock draft. (SPOILER: He drafts a lot of guys from the. . .dramatic pause. . .Ohio State University)

-We had coach Mike Singletary interviewing for the defensive coordinator position with the St. Louis Rams

-We attempted to figure out whether or not the Minnesota Vikings have a sixth-round pick in the 2013 Draft

-We had the latest installment of our 2013 Mock Draft Database

-We took a peak at the Vikings' strength of schedule for the 2013 season, whether it really means anything or not

-Kyle looked at whether Reggie Bush would be a good fit for the Vikings' offense

-Kyle also took a look at the Vikings (apparent) desire to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin

-We examined whether or not Tyler Thigpen could potentially be returning to the Vikings as Christian Ponder's back-up

-And we asked what the Vikings should do with offensive tackle Phil Loadholt, who is heading towards free agency

For this week's musical selections. . .well, it's Valentine's week, and whether you love it or hate it, it's here none the less. So, we're going to attempt to go with some love songs from a little bit off the beaten path. I can't use my personal favorite, because it would fly directly into the face of the language rules for the Open Threads (but you can Google "Tenacious D" and "gently" if you'd like. . .I'll leave it at that). So, we'll try to keep it a little more family friendly.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Usual rules apply. . .no religion, no politics, minimal bad language. Other than that, every topic is up for discussion with you and your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans. And, as always, we'll have more good stuff for you throughout the course of the day today.