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Hyundai Find Your Seven: Minnesota Vikings Style

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The folks from Hyundai have partnered up with the SB Nation NFL sites because. . .well, we're a pretty awesome group, to be honest. Seriously, why wouldn't they?

What we're doing with the folks from Hyundai goes back to their Super Bowl commercial, which you can see right here if you missed it originally.

With this sort of concept in mind, the Hyundai has asked the SB Nation NFL bloggers to find their "seven" based on their team's rosters. They have seven roles that need to be filled, so I will attempt to do so here.

The Enforcer

When you think of an enforcer, you think of someone that can make people pay for being where they're not supposed to be. This past season, the Vikings found a guy that filled that role, which is something that they've lacked for a long time. That guy is safety Harrison Smith, so in our caravan here, he's going to be filling the enforcer role.

The Brain

Gotta go with punter Chris Kluwe here. We're talking about a guy that reads two or three books on every road trip, simply because he can. Doesn't seem like the kind of guy you'd want to be on Jeopardy against or anything like that.

The Technician

You don't get to be the best center in the National Football League without being technically sound, and they don't come any more technically sound than John Sullivan. So, he's the third person in our group here.

The Loose Cannon

Whether it's throwing weights at Brad Childress or chewing out Leslie Frazier on the sidelines, the cannons in Minnesota don't come much looser than Percy Harvin. Though if we're going to make this trip, we'd better make it soon. . .not terribly sure if Harvin will be in purple for a trip next year.

The Motivator

Seriously, can this be anybody but Adrian Peterson? I don't think it can be. Honestly, if you can't be motivated by what the man accomplished in 2012, then I'm not sure if you can be motivated by anything short of a rabid wolverine.

The Prankster

It's hard to go against someone that puts together a charity golf tournament every year that features a Slip-and-Slide on one of the par 5's and Marine Corps drill instructors yelling at you at the tee box of every hole. That and, after seeing some of the things he does in his spare time, if Jared Allen is going to have a spot on this trip, this would have to be the spot.

The Muscle

I think we're going to go with Blair Walsh here. Nah, not really. (Although if we were talking strictly leg muscles, he wouldn't be a bad choice.) After spending a decade in the National Football League throwing around interior linemen, I think we'd have to make this spot one for Kevin Williams. The man is strong like bull, and would make the perfect guy to round out this group.

So, that's my seven. Who are your seven for the Minnesota Vikings?