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Percy's Going To Holdout, According To Somebody

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Welp, this poop train just keeps gaining steam.

Welp, the PErcy Watch Begins
Welp, the PErcy Watch Begins
Kevin C. Cox

According to Pro Football Talk, a source from the league has said Percy Harvin intends to holdout of all off-season activities and training camp until he gets a new deal done.

The thing is, Harvin has absolutely no leverage to work with here, for a couple reasons. For one, the Vikings went 5-2 without him, and made the playoffs with what is quite possibly the worst receiving corps in Vikings history. Even though he missed 7 games and was still the Vikings leading receiver, both in receptions and yards.

No one saying he isn't a game changer and an exciting, dynamic, one of a kind player. But he's also expendable, just like everyone else is in the NFL. Except Adrian Peterson. But he doesn't count, because he's not really a human being. He's a cyborg. But one of the main off-season upgrade plans is to the wide receiving corps, so it's not like the Vikings aren't preparing to go out and get some new guys.

Secondly, he's coming off of an injury. No, it wasn't anything like what happened to Adrian Peterson or Daunte Culpepper back in the day (remember after his knee got shredded he said he wanted to be pad $10 million/yr?), and he's expected to fully recover. But still, he missed almost half the season.

Finally, the Vikings have had an excellent history of paying market value or above salaries to players that have been productive. Kevin Williams, Chad Greenway, Adrian Peterson, Antoine Winfield, Jared Allen, the list goes on. If you produce for the Vikings, Zygi Wilf has proven time and time again that he'll pay you.

This thing seems to be deteriorating fast, and if reports of him holding out until he gets a new deal done are, in fact, accurate, the Vikings are in a no-win situation. If they cave and re-do a deal, well, for a guy like Harvin that's just a blank check to be an ass until you get your way on everything. If they don't and he does hold out, the Vikings will have a HIUGE distraction that will need to be dealt with buy either the aforementioned cave-in, or by trading him.

And if the Vikings really are actively trying to trade him, that task might have just become next to impossible, and there's no way the team will get anything close to equal value in return.