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Ray Edwards Knocks Out Opponent Without Actually, You Know, Hitting Him

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The former Vikings DE is pursuing his boxing career since his NFL one has seemed to flame out

Ezra Shaw

Ray Edwards was a guy that brought a lot of debate here on DN a couple years ago. He was an up and coming defensive end that a lot of people thought the Vikings should try to push hard to re-sign.

Other folks thought he was starting to become a malcontent, and that the Vikings should let him walk. He eventually signed a pretty good free agent deal with the Atlanta Falcons...and pretty much fell off the face of the earth. Edwards was woefully ineffective, and was released in November for becoming the jackass that a lot of Edwards detractors thought he would be once he got his payday.

Ray has turned to boxing, and I originally saw this on Vikings Territory a little while ago. Edwards was fighting some palooka somewhere in North Dakota, and in the first round knocked him out...without touching him:

LOLWUT...I mean, it's not even close. And Ray's manager, Jeff Warner, has a past that's more sketchy than an Art 101 folder. He's not allowed to promote fights in Minnesota and Iowa unless the opponent is picked by a neutral party for his fighter.

For obvious reasons, apparently. This fight took place in West Fargo, and there's no truth to the rumor that Ray's opponent, who we'll call 'Suburban American Dad', because that's what he looks like, was treated for a bad cold after the fight. He apparently got the sniffles from the cold wind produced from Ray's phantom right.

Carry on...