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Peterson Wants Vikings To Keep Harvin

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Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Percy Harvin may or may not want to remain a member of the Minnesota Vikings, depending on which sources you believe. But there's at least one person that wants him to remain in the purple and gold for the long haul.

And he's a pretty important one.

. . .It's safe to say that Harvin, who was in the MVP discussion at one point last season, has outperformed the deal.

The man who did win the MVP, however, hopes things can be worked out.

"I don't know if we will or not, but me, individually and in my opinion, I wouldn't trade him," Adrian Peterson told KFAN-FM on Tuesday, via "No, I wouldn't trade him."

Hopefully Peterson's endorsement will help smooth things out a bit. Then again, if Harvin is looking for the kind of money that he's reportedly looking for, I'm not sure if anything will help smooth it out that much.

Josina Anderson of spoke to a "high-ranking Vikings source" about Harvin and the source said he didn't think a holdout would solve Harvin's contract desires. That's because of Harvin's lack of leverage in the situation, but the standoff could also be impacted by the fact that Harvin apparently sees himself in the same class with Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson as the best wideouts in the NFL.

"[Harvin] is a star player in our league, but I would imagine that he sees himself in the class of the top wide receivers in our league," the source said. "I do know at his production, when he was healthy, he was producing along with Larry and Calvin and those guys. I could see Harvin's agent making the argument that he deserves their type of pay."

As a point of reference, Johnson's last contract extension was eight years, $150.5 million. Fitzgerald's was eight years, $128.5 million. When Adrian Peterson signed his contract extension, it was reported to be a seven-year deal worth "as much as" $100 million.

Raise your hand if you think that Percy Harvin is worth more than Adrian Peterson.

Yeah. . .didn't think so.

I don't think that Percy Harvin is going to get a contract in the $100 million range. . .not from the Minnesota Vikings, and not from any team that would potentially trade for him. This would really complicate any potential deal, if not make a trade scenario completely impossible.

Just another level of intrigue to this whole scenario.