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Harvin WHO?! The Vikings Haz New Logo! (Sort Of)

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The Norseman Has Evolved
The Norseman Has Evolved

The Minnesota Vikings today sent out an email to season ticket holders unveiling their new, cutting edge, state-of-the art logo update.

And when I say all that, what I really mean is... well, allow me to paraphrase Eric here: "It looks like a Photo Hunt game."

Yup, that's the new logo up there. In case you can't find the five differences, they are: the shape of the horn, the shape of the horn base, the gold is brighter, the face detail is... uh, older? Angrier? More constipated? Not sure... and the braid is shorter.

I'm not upset or anything... I liked the old logo. I see no reason why it should be drastically changed. I suppose tweaks and modifications are a semi-regular occurrence with teams nowadays in terms of branding, logos, and whatnot- see, now you have to throw out all of your old Vikings gear and go purchase new replacements, because otherwise you'll seem silly and behind the times.

A few people have wondered if this might lead to some uniform adjustments in short order, which might be kind of nice. I think I speak for most here when I say going back to the darker purple scheme would be pleasant, as well as a few other tweaks and changes. But that's all guesswork right now, mind you- no word from the team either way on that.

So there it is, fellow Viking fandom. This is your new logo.