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Your Half-Priced Heart-Shaped Candy Day Open Thread

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Welcome to the end of the work week, ladies and gentlemen, and your Open Thread for Friday. Hopefully you survived. . .or, if you're lucky, recovering from. . .your Valentine's Day, and are getting ready for the weekend.

Only two stories on the site yesterday. . .

-Kyle let us all know that the Minnesota Vikings have a (sort of) new logo. Cool. . .now, let us in on more about the (alleged) new uniforms, darn it!

-Ted posed the question of whether or not the Vikings should use the franchise tag on tackle Phil Loadholt, a man so large that he might actually require two franchise tags.

Also, in an article not appearing here, I answered some questions for our friends at Ball Hogs Radio about the Percy Harvin kerfluffle. (Is it a "kerfluffle?" Or is it still more of a "situation" at this point?)

To conclude the week, one more love song. . .this one isn't terribly off-beat, I don't think. (I don't know from music these days.) This song came on my Pandora a while back when I was at work and, well, I just think it's a really nice song.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Ixnay on the eligion-ray, ixnay on the olitics-pay, and keep the bad language to a minimum. Enjoy the rest of your day, folks, and we'll be back with plenty more later!