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Vikings Draft Pick Situation Clarified

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Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Today, while Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman was speaking earlier today, he also clarified the situation with the Vikings' draft selections this year. (Hat tip to the Minnesota Vikings Fan Page on FaceBook for catching the whole thing.)

According to Spielman, the Vikings do, indeed, have nine picks at the present time, broken down as follows:

First Round - One pick
Second Round - One pick
Third Round - One pick
Fourth Round - Two picks
Fifth Round - One pick
Sixth Round - One pick
Seventh Round - Two picks

To clarify. . .the extra fourth-rounder comes from the Detroit Lions for a trade the Vikings made with them during last year's draft.

As far as the sixth and seventh rounds, during last year's draft the Vikings made a deal with the Tennessee Titans to acquire their 2013 sixth-round selection. That is the pick that is being sent to the Arizona Cardinals as a part of the A.J. Jefferson deal. Also in that deal, the Cardinals sent their seventh round pick to the Vikings, which is why they have two selections in that round.

The Vikings have retained their own sixth-round pick and not sent it to Arizona as part of the Jefferson deal, nor do they have to send it to the Washington Redskins as a part of 2011's trade for Donovan McNabb, as McNabb did not play the number of snaps required to trigger that clause in the deal.

So, there you have it. The Vikings do, indeed, have nine draft picks to play with going into the 2013 NFL Draft, and the sixth-round pick is no longer missing.