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Kansas City Chiefs Sign Husain Abdullah

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Jim McIsaac

After taking a year away from the game, former Minnesota Vikings' safety Husain Abdullah is back in the National Football League.

On Saturday, Abdullah signed a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. He and his brother Hamza Abdullah took the 2012 season off to take a pilgrimage to Mecca, in accordance with their Muslim faith.

Abdullah was signed by the Vikings as an undrafted free agent out of Washington State University after the 2008 NFL Draft. He served primarily as a backup in 2008 and 2009, but won the starting strong safety job before the 2010 season and started 24 games for the Vikings in those two seasons. He was limited to nine starts in 2011 because of concussion issues. He led the Vikings in interceptions in 2010 with three, but is largely considered to be more of a run-supporting, "in the box" type of safety than a ballhawk.

The Vikings offered Abdullah a contract extension following the 2011 season, but he made the decision to go on his pilgrimage instead. I thought he might have been an interesting option for the Vikings to look at to pair up with Harrison Smith, but that appears to have gone by the boards.

Congratulations to Husain Abdullah on getting back into the National Football League. Hopefully he will continue to use his Abdullah Oblongata (™ if us) to get what appeared to be a fairly promising NFL career back on track.