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NFL Offseason Calendar: Important Dates For You

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Otto Greule Jr

The NFL is the one professional sports league in America that's truly a year-round affair. With the way events are spaced out, there's almost always a reason to talk and/or speculate about the National Football League. Things will kick off this week with the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, but things will be in motion in the NFL well into the late spring and early summer.

The folks from SBN Studios have put together a helpful video that shows you all of the important dates that will occur in the NFL through the course of the off-season.

Thanks to a rule change, free agency this off-season will kick off on March 9. Teams won't be able to sign players until March 12, but they'll be able to negotiate with them. Because we know that nobody was negotiating with free agents ahead of time already. . .those players that signed within five minutes of free agency kicking off were just a coincidence.

Also, the 2013 NFL Draft will be taking place on April 25, 26, and 27 in New York City.

Hopefully this will help folks to better know what sort of events are coming on the 2013 NFL offseason calendar.