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Percy Harvin Has Nothing To Say

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With all of the rumors currently surrounding Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Percy Harvin from various sources, we have not yet heard from the man himself about his current situation. In fact, we haven't heard much from him since he was placed on IR by the Vikings late in the 2012 regular season.

Well, Brian Murphy. . .the Vikings' beat writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. . .finally managed to track down Harvin at his home in Florida. Well, he didn't, but apparently another reporter did. And what Harvin had to say about the situation will amaze and astound you.

"I got nothing to say about any of that," Harvin said before retreating into his house and closing the front door.

Surprising that a player whose status is up in the air has nothing to say about his status being up in the air.

So, Percy Harvin has done nothing to quell the speculation in either direction concerning his future with the Minnesota Vikings. It sure would be nice if somebody would at some point, though.