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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 2/20

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Hannah Foslien

Happy Hump Day, ladies and gentlemen. This is your Open Thread for the day, but first let's recap what we've had since our last Open Thread for your reading pleasure.

-Wide receiver Percy Harvin, in the words of Maynard James Keenan, had a lot of nothing to say about recent trade rumors.

-Cris Carter spoke about how he came to become a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

-We asked if you'd consider Manti Te'o if he were to fall to the Vikings in the NFL Draft.

As far as other Vikings news from around the web, the most I've been able to find is this "TPS Report" from the folks at Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner about the Vikings' off-season. If you have any other links that you find throughout the course of the day, feel free to drop them into the comments section and I'll update the post with them.

Just as in every other open thread, all topics are up for discussion outside of religion and politics. We also ask that you keep the salty language to a minimum.

In keeping with the theme of "President's Week," here is your ambient music for the day.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. If we have anything to pass along, we shall do so, so keep it tuned right here.