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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, February 22

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It's Friday. . .Friday. . .and even if you don't gotta get down on Friday, you can talk about whatever you want with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans.

Since we last left you. . .

-Adam Schefter reported that Matt Birk will be announcing his retirement from the National Football League on Friday

-Arif has outdone himself again, giving us a new system for looking at offensive linemen

-We brought you weigh-in results from the NFL Combine for the offensive linemen and the tight ends

In other Vikings news. . .

-Rick Spielman reiterated once again that the team has no intention of trading wide receiver Percy Harvin

-The Vikings are, apparently, going to conduct "social media surveillance" on their future players

-Adrian Peterson says he's "pretty good to go" after surgery to repair a sports hernia a few weeks ago

-The team confirmed that the 2013 season would, indeed, be the final season at the Metrodome

And now, your ambient music to wrap up "President's Week."

(Yes, it's spelled differently. No, it's not cheating. . .if I wanted to cheat, I would have gone with Jefferson Starship after using Jefferson Airplane earlier in the week. There are a lot fewer President-named/themed bands than I thought there were.)

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Same as it ever was. . .no religion, no politics, no bad words or anything of that nature. Keep an eye out for any more news and notes we might have for you throughout the course of the day.