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2013 NFL Draft: One Last Clarification On The Vikings' Draft Picks

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Now that the confusion regarding the Minnesota Vikings' draft picks has been cleared up, we can definitively state which picks the team has in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The National Football League has released the tentative list of draft picks for all seven rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft. The selections in each round are set. . .where those picks land overall is still subject to change.

The picks that are set in stone for the Vikings (barring a trade) are the 23rd selection in Round 1, the 22nd pick in Round 2 (number 52 overall), and the 21st pick in Round 3 (number 83 overall). The rest of the picks are subject to change because, as we approach the 2013 NFL Draft, the National Football League will announce the 32 compensatory picks that teams will get when they are deemed to have had a net loss of talent due to free agency. Since none of those picks will be higher than the end of the third round, the Vikings will have the 23rd, 52nd, and 83rd picks no matter what happens.

The rest of the team's picks are as follows:

-The 5th pick in Round 4 (this is the one the Vikings got from the Detroit Lions)
-The 23rd pick in Round 4 (Minnesota's own fourth-round pick)
-The 22nd pick in Round 5 (Minnesota's own fifth-round pick)
-The 21st pick in Round 6 (Minnesota's own sixth-round pick)
-The 7th pick in Round 7 (this is the one the Vikings got from the Arizona Cardinals)
-The 23rd pick in Round 7 (Minnesota's own seventh-round pick)

Those are the nine selections that Minnesota currently has. I don't anticipate them getting any compensatory picks, so if the team wants to acquire more selections, it looks like it's going to have to come from trading down.