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NFL Combine 2013: Quarterback Weigh-In Results

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At his press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine today (which we'll have more on tomorrow), Minnesota Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier said that the backup quarterback position was "open for competition." The Vikings might bring in a free agent to serve as the backup to Christian Ponder, but it's equally likely they'll take a mid-to-late round flyer on a player that could serve as a third-string/developmental prospect if the team doesn't think McLeod Bethel-Thompson is capable of developing into a fully capable NFL quarterback.

So, the quarterback weigh-ins have a bit more significance to the Minnesota Vikings than one might there. They hit the scales in Indianapolis on Friday, and we have the results for you here.

Player School Height Weight Hand Size
Matt Barkley USC 6-3 227 10.08
Tyler Bray Tennessee 6-6 232 9.28
Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech 6-2 212 9.08
Zac Dysert Miami of Ohio 6-3 231 9.18
Mike Glennon N.C. State 6-7 225 9.58
Marqueis Gray Minnesota 6-3 240 9.78
Landry Jones Oklahoma 6-4 225 9.18
Collin Klein Kansas State 6-5 226 9.28
E.J. Manuel Florida State 6-5 237 10.38
Ryan Nassib Syracuse 6-2 227 10.18
Sean Renfree Duke 6-3 219 9.08
Matt Scott Arizona 6-2 213 9.08
Geno Smith West Virginia 6-2 218 9.28
Brad Sorensen Southern Utah 6-4 237
James Vandenberg Iowa 6-3 226 9.68
Tyler Wilson Arkansas 6-2 215