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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, February 25

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Yes, we all hate Mondays. . .well, most of us hate Mondays, anyway. But you know what you shouldn't hate? The new Open Thread here for the first day of your work week.

(Obviously, you don't hate it. If you did, you wouldn't be looking at this story in the first place.)

Since the last time we had an Open Thread. . .

-The NFL league office clarified where the Minnesota Vikings' picks are in the 2013 NFL Draft

-Green Bay wide receiver Greg Jennings may or may not want a ridiculous amount of money in free agency

-We had the weigh-in results from every other position at the NFL Scouting Combine, to include running backs, quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive linemen, and linebackers

-Rick Spielman had a press conference at the Combine, and talked about free agency and the Vikings' safeties, among other things

-Leslie Frazier had a presser in Indianapolis as well, and talked about the situation with wide receiver Percy Harvin, as well as some of the talent evaluation process the Minnesota coaches go through

-The Vikings and the stadium authority reached an agreement on how to make baseball work in the new stadium

-And we had the latest installment of our Mock Draft Database

We ask that, as always, you avoid discussing matters of religion and politics in the Open Thread. We also ask that you keep the bad language to a minimum. You can talk about the NFL Scouting Combine here, but we will have a separate Open Thread for today's workouts that will pop up on the page at about 7 AM Central time. That's about an hour or so before the defensive linemen and linebackers start their drills at Lucas Oil Stadium.

For your music, I'm making it Weird Al Week. (This will probably happen more than once.) Why? In the immortal words of former United States Senator John Blutarsky. . .why not!?

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Like I said, we'll have an Open Thread for the Monday workouts at the Scouting Combine here shortly, as well as anything else that happens to catch our eyes today.