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Tuesday NFL Combine Open Thread: Defensive Backs Close The Show

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It's the final day of the 2013 National Football League Scouting Combine, and the players on the field will be the defensive backs. Given the division that the Minnesota Vikings are in, they can always be in the market for more defensive backs, and certainly a player or two from today's workout will be members of the Vikings when April comes around. Josh Robinson made his impression on the Vikings at last year's Combine, running the fastest 40-yard dash of all the players that participated in the drills in Indianapolis.

As has been the case throughout the Combine, you can watch the entire thing on the NFL Network. Or, if you're not near a television or your cable provider does not have the NFL Network, you can watching everything via by following this link here.

The Combine coverage will once again kick off at 8 AM Central time, approximately an hour from now. Feel free to talk about any prospects that catch your eye here with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans.