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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 2/28

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We've hit the last day of the shortest month of the year, folks. Hooray for us and all that sort of thing.

Not much in the way of actual content yesterday, unfortunately.

-We asked you who your "man crush" was when it comes to this year's NFL Draft for the Minnesota Vikings.

-We looked at whether or not Adrian Peterson maybe, possibly, could have broken Eric Dickerson's record after all (probably not).

Not a whole heck of a lot in the way of other Vikings' news, either.

-Everson Griffen paid a visit to Richfield Middle School

-WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee has a story about Judge Tim Irwin. . .yeah, the big guy that used to play offensive line for our favorite football team

-Guess what's back? Back again? Racino's back! Tell a friend!

And, really, that's pretty much it.

As always, all topics except for politics and religion are up for discussion here in the Open Thread. Also, we ask that you keep your bad language to a minimum.

Weird Al week continues for your ambient music selection of the day.

And, with that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully something worthwhile will come across the wires over the course of the day today, and if it does we'll have it here for you.